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for MacBook Screen Display assembly Replacement

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Color: LCD only
Compatible Model:A2442 A2485
Size: 14.2''   16.2''
Warranty: 3 months.


Please test the LCD before transplant chips and installing!!!
When installing, please be careful not to pull the cable!!!
A2485 With Program does not require chip replacement.
Except for A2485 with program. If the new A2681 A2442 or A2485 LCD screen is directly replaced , it will not enter the system, and the screen will have a color cast phenomenon. Therefore, it is necessary to install the 2 chips of the original machine screen at the red frame.  Which is difficult to weld and needs to be replaced by professionals.
(The original color itself has a camera function, which has nothing to do with the screen)
We will test every screen before sending it to you. For installation, please kindly noticed:

1, Professional help is highly suggested. Please ask the experienced technician to install the screen for you.

2, Test the screen upon you get the screen before the installation.

3, Do not forget to remove the protective cover film on the back side. (There are protective films on both sides)

3, Be careful, don't press it hard it, any little crack, there will be lines on the display.

Warm Tips:

Because LCD is fragile, and the value of screen or motherboard is relatively high.
In order to ensure that there is no problem when you receive the goods, please take a moment to shoot the unpacking video. This is the best way to protect your complete and correct receipt of the goods. If the exterior damage is found during the unpacking process, please provide your unpacking video feedback to us in time and we will handle it for you.

If it is the damage caused by personal man-made, please bear it yourself, please know, thank you for choosing us and wish you a happy life.

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